Friday, October 05, 2007

The News of the Day

If you haven't seen it yet, you'll probably want to read this (link fixed). It certainly creates a new dynamic in the campaign.

This story is being shopped around, and it creates a tougher tone to this campaign. Donnelly's quotes are certainly pointed. Will it work?

The question is, is this damning evidence of abuse or poor management by Wong? Based on early comments here, reaction is along party (or candidate) lines. Wong supporters think it's another example of Donnelly being an old-school bully. Donnelly supporters think it's about time Wong got hers for not exactly being honest about her work experience.

Another question: Is this is a one-time hit from Donnelly, or does it become part of his campaign. Will he be hammering her on this for the next four-plus weeks? If so, it could get ugly the rest of the way.

Read the story, and figure out how you feel about it. I think this one leaves space to see how you feel about it. Try not to be super-partisan.

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