Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Where are we at? Nowwhere!

Are you folks actually serious?

Much of Jason’s previous post and the comments present an interesting take...but the majority of the comments are astride the actual point and fail to consider political reality.

For all practical purposes, the office of Mayor of Fitchburg is bordering on the point of irrelevancy. No one who has experienced and observed the changes in politics and government over the past 30 years in Massachusetts can mount an argument to the contrary. Local political power is dead-and has been for at least 20 years.

Political and governmental power and influence flows from the purse-and Fitchburg has no real purse to speak of since Fitchburg, as every municipality in the Commonwealth, relies on the generosity of aid and assistance from Beacon Hill-and in the event you have failed to notice-Fitchburg has zero clout or influence on Beacon Hill. Thus, the Mayor of Fitchburg is reduced to a caretaker or administrator, subject to the whims and preferences of St. Patrick, Speaker DiMasi and Sen. Pres. Murray. To indicate their interests dovetail with the immediate or future needs of Fitchburg is ludicrous.

Fitchburg voters display a tendency to shoot themselves in the foot. No better example than yesterday's announcement by St. Patrick of the contemplated $12+ billion dollar borrowing for infrastructure upgrade and repair or today's announcement concerning public education. Read and understand the reports, the plan(s) envisioned. Then ask yourself "Where does Fitchburg fit in all of this?" Answer-it doesn't-other than a few scattered crumbs. Why? Because the hacks we elect bring nothing to the table and, in most instances, are not allowed at the table.

But, to the point of Jason's post-does anyone believe those scattered crumbs are available to, and accessible by, the likes of DeSalvo or Donnelly should their election bid prove successful? Pigs will fly first.

A Mayor DeSalvo (perish the thought) has nothing in common with the Patrick administration. He'd be lucky to get an appointment with Patrick's janitor. After all, there's nothing in it for Patrick politically. I’ve a vivid imagination-and accept that on occasion politics makes strange bedfellows-but a working connection of those two is impossible to fathom. Put another round in the chamber and zero in on the right foot.

Mayor Donnelly? Please. Again, no identification with Patrick or the Patrick administration. Yet another round in the chamber.

Mayor Wong? Sure...everyone on Beacon Hill enjoys seeing someone come with hat in hand. Toss me that .45 cal, would you?

Dionne? Ah, it’s time to haul out the big stuff and shoot off the entire leg.

Face the fact the office of Mayor of Fitchburg is an anachronism given the current political reality. The occupant makes no difference because he/she cannot make a difference.

And, should you have any lingering doubt that a certain candidate can actually make a genuine difference-realize the obvious. The announcements of yesterday and today by the Patrick Administration require borrowing on a grand, immense scale. That means a tax increase, toll increases and additional tolls, fee increases, which, in turn, indicate meaningful Property Tax reform is dead. Simply perform the addition and subtraction. Ever increasing taxes are akin to a fatal disease…they destroy and eventually kill efforts to bring back a municipality such as Fitchburg. So, Fitchburg is faced with the immediate prospect of obtaining additional revenue when revenue sources (investment) flow in directions other than Fitchburg. Compounding this fact is that every regional economic indicator is flat-as can be expected during the run up to a presidential election. Remember, bloggers, a tax buck can only be spent in one place. We still have $4 billion to pay on the Big Dig construction bonds.

Keep dreaming, fellow bloggers on SF. This election makes no difference because it fails to make a difference who wins the office. Events, not the man or woman, are in control and will remain so for the next 2-3 years. Fitchburg’s goose is not just cooked-it’s already overdone.